BWSS – Ending the Cycle, Empowerment + Enterprise in My Sister’s Closet

social enterprise is our answer to ensuring our long term financial sustainability as an organization A determined group of women started Battered Women’s Support Services in 1979 in Vancouver, Canada. Over the years, BWSS has grown into a strong & dynamic organization. We continue to provide support & advocacy for women who have experienced abuse, as well as training & education about violence against women, professional development, systemic advocacy & law reform, and youth engagement in violence prevention. In 2002, we solidified our work as social entrepreneurs opening My Sister’s Closet Thrift Boutique & our second location in 2007. Retail … Continue reading BWSS – Ending the Cycle, Empowerment + Enterprise in My Sister’s Closet

she – Women count in Rwanda. Period.

At she, we believe that a girl’s life does not have to stop every 28 days because of her menstrual cycle. Missing up to 50 days of school or work is not only a “blood cost” to women and girls, but to their families, communities, and nations as a whole. » Why are sanitary pads so expensive in Rwanda? Premium priced pads in Rwanda cost ~$2-3 for a box of 10 pads and are taxed at 18% making them unaffordable to girls and women. Why are girls and women important? For every dollar a woman earns, she invests 80 cents … Continue reading she – Women count in Rwanda. Period.

VisionSpring’s Product+Innovation+Delivery=Impact

VisionSpring empowers entrepreneurs to provide low cost glasses » Empowering Entrepreneurs with Rewarding Jobs VisionSpring has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to launch successful businesses selling health products their community needs. Our Vision Entrepreneurs earn a living and provide a valuable service to their communities. Many of our Vision Entrepreneurs are women for whom employment opportunities have traditionally been limited. VisionSpring provides them an opportunity to become independent and self-assured business owners. In collaboration with the University of Michigan, VisionSpring performed a rigorous impact assessment, which demonstrated that using our eyeglasses results in an average increase in productivity of 35%, meaning … Continue reading VisionSpring’s Product+Innovation+Delivery=Impact

Nomi Network – Trade…Not the Sex Trade

Nomi Network uses Social Enterprise for survivors of trafficking Nomi Network, named for Nomi, an 8 year old survivor of sex trafficking, teaches mainly women, to create and sell crafts, through Nomi partners in order to generate income outside of the trafficking and slave trade economies. -Information from Nomi Website @: Continue reading Nomi Network – Trade…Not the Sex Trade

Samasource – Micro-content Model Adds BoP Labor Force to Samasource’s Bottomline

Samasource outsources micro content to Sama centers staffed with professionals and the working poor THE NEED: 1 billion people in poor regions will face severe unemployment (up to 70%) in the next decade. Lack of economic opportunity is a root cause of crime, gender-based violence, and other social ills. At the same time, low-cost internet access is spreading across the developing world and digital work offers unprecedented employment opportunities. Samasource connects people living in poverty to life-changing work via the Internet. -Information from Samasource One-Sheet @: Continue reading Samasource – Micro-content Model Adds BoP Labor Force to Samasource’s Bottomline