Delancey Street – Residential Education Center Includes Job Training for Some “Unemployable”

  • The Delancey Street Foundation is a residential education center where drug addicts, criminals and the homeless learn to lead productive, crime-free lives. It has been called the most successful rehabilitation project in the United States. The foundation runs at no cost to the taxpayer or client. They earn revenue by operating more than 20 businesses, including the Delancey Street Restaurant and Café and the Delancey Street Moving Company. These “training schools” not only generate income, they teach residents marketable skills and inculcate in them habits of self-control and self-discipline.
  • On their enterprises: Economic development and entrepreneurial boldness are central to our model’s financial self-sufficiency and to teaching residents self-reliance and life skills. Delancey Street is value-based in a strong traditional family value system stressing the work ethic, mutual restitution, personal and social accountability and responsibility, decency, integrity and caring for others.

-Information from Delancey Street website @:


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