VisionSpring’s Product+Innovation+Delivery=Impact

VisionSpring empowers entrepreneurs to provide low cost glasses »

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Rewarding Jobs

  • VisionSpring has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to launch successful businesses selling health products their community needs. Our Vision Entrepreneurs earn a living and provide a valuable service to their communities. Many of our Vision Entrepreneurs are women for whom employment opportunities have traditionally been limited. VisionSpring provides them an opportunity to become independent and self-assured business owners.
  • In collaboration with the University of Michigan, VisionSpring performed a rigorous impact assessment, which demonstrated that using our eyeglasses results in an average increase in productivity of 35%, meaning more ability to work, learn and support a family. That is the equivalent of adding two and a half working days per week to each user of our products.

-Information from VisionSpring Website @:


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