she – Women count in Rwanda. Period.

At she, we believe that a girl’s life does not have to stop every 28 days because of her menstrual cycle. Missing up to 50 days of school or work is not only a “blood cost” to women and girls, but to their families, communities, and nations as a whole. »

Why are sanitary pads so expensive in Rwanda?

  • Premium priced pads in Rwanda cost ~$2-3 for a box of 10 pads and are taxed at 18% making them unaffordable to girls and women.

Why are girls and women important?

  • For every dollar a woman earns, she invests 80 cents in her family (as opposed to 30 cents by men).
  • These losses in work productivity and schooling have a “bloodcost” of up to $115 million of Rwandaʼs yearly GDP. For example: 2.8 million menstruating females X 18% missed school b/c no low-cost pads X $215 lost income per female per year = $115,000,000 potential loss in GDP per year.


  • she will look to use local raw materials, instead of all imported materials, to ensure affordability and accessibility.

(Replicable) Market Based Approach:

  • Donations donʼt work long-term. Market-based approaches do, so why leave them just for the business world
  • she intends to fulfill girlsʼ and womenʼs unmet need by helping local women in developing countries jump-start their own businesses to manufacture and distribute affordable, quality, and eco-friendly sanitary pads.
  • For every women-led and operated business that she invests in, approximately 100 jobs are created and approximately 100,000 girls and women have access to affordable sanitary pads. Multiply this by 12 franchises and 1200 jobs will be created and 1 million girls and women will be reached.
  • she will couple its product innovation with a financially sustainable business model operated and owned by women in the community that can be replicated

-Information from she FactSheet @:


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