Walking toward Fair Profit in Africa

Walking toward “Fair” Profit in Africa

  • Oliberté is a for-profit social enterprise founded in 2009, selling urban-casual footwear made in Africa. It follows fair-trade principles, taking care of employees and the environment, while promoting the positive aspects of Africa. Investing in countries such as Ethiopia and Liberia has provided hundreds of workers with steady employment and about one year after launching they have produced more than 10,000 pairs of shoes. Oliberté has plans to expand into new markets, but also faces issues of resource availability.
  • Oliberté believes that with the right partners, each country within Africa has the means to grow and support its people. So that’s what we do – Oliberté partners with factories, suppliers, farmers and workers to produce premium footwear in Africa, but we do more than that.
  • It is generally accepted that a thriving middle class is a key component to the success of any country. In Africa the middle class is increasing in size and one of Oliberté’s goals is to support that growing middle class by building a world class footwear brand that can create thousands of jobs and also encourages manufacturers from other industries to work in Africa.

Information taken from the Oliberté website @ http://www.oliberte.com & http://communities.seepnetwork.org/node/2486


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