El Puente: Making the Point that Women are Hidden Casualties of NAFTA

El Puente

  • In 1997, in the aftermath of NAFTA and its displacement, trauma and impact on women and workers, La Mujer Obrera established El Puente Community Development Corporation, to create economic opportunity with/for displaced women workers and other low income community members, especially those living and working in the South Central barrio, the former Garment District of El Paso. 
  • El Puente’s mission is true to its name. Virtually unparalleled in the country as a grassroots Mexican immigrant women’s organization involved in development tied to empowerment.
  • To generate economic opportunity, El Puente focuses on:

Job Creation

Micro-enterprise Development

Social Enterprises

Small Business Support

  • To strengthen community members’ skills and knowledge, El Puente includes:

Workforce Training and Basic Skills Education
Access to Technology
Entrepreneurial Training

  • With these programs, in conjunction with its parent La Mujer Obrera, El Puente has achieved outstanding results and recognition for women’s empowerment and community economic development including:

Conversion of four dilapidated buildings into a hub for dynamic neighborhood revitalization

Seven social purpose businesses

Information and Media taken from La Mujer Obrera website @ http://www.mujerobrera.org/elpuente.html


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