New Door’s At-Risk Youth Print and Pedal in Social Enterprise

Opening a New Door for At-risk Youth in San Fransisco

  • New Door Ventures helps at-risk youth get ready for work and life. We provide assistance to young people ages 16-21 who need support in making the increasingly difficult transition from youth to adulthood.
  • Our Clients:

At New Door Ventures, we serve at-risk youth, ages 16-21.
The youth we work with tend to have many risk factors that can compromise their ability to make a successful transition from youth to adulthood. A typical youth in New Door’s programs would have several of the following characteristics:

Living in poverty, A minority, A child of immigrants or an immigrant him/herself, Part of a chaotic family situation, Living in foster car, Living with parent or relative with a substance abuse problem, Parenting before age 21

  • Social Enterprises:

Ally Program

Training and mentoring internship program for youth who have little work experience and are seeking part-time employment and job training.

Switch: Ashbury Images

The Switch Program, open to youth ages 16-21, consists of six-month paid internships that teach job-specific skills at one of our two social enterprises: Ashbury Images and Pedal Revolution.

Ashbury Images provides printed and embroidered apparel and custom-designed promotional products for corporations, universities, nonprofit organizations and special events.

Switch: Pedal Revolution

Pedal Revolution is a full-service bicycle sales and service shop, located in San Francisco’s Mission District. 
We offer a wide range of new bikes and accessories, and sell refurbished bikes and hard-to-find parts.

Information and Media taken from New Door website @:


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