Brighter Future Workshop gets Teens with Disabilities Rolling Again (& Keeps equipment out of landfills!)

Brighter futures for disabled Teens in the UK

BFW exists to enhance the lives of people who are disabled; many have become disadvantaged, and isolated, largely due to the shortage of suitable, reliable and affordable mobility equipment. Our aim is to ensure that disabled people who have little or no mobility can still function in the local community and society in general.

  • From its base in Skelmersdale Brighter Future Workshop trains young people with disabilities to recycle mobility equipment that would otherwise be sent to landfill. The equipment is then distributed into the community at cost-effective prices, enabling disabled people to retain or regain their mobility. Brighter Future has been chosen for the top honour in UK enterprise for “enhancing the lives of the community in which it operates and embodying sustainability through its committed leadership”.
  • Led by Peter Cousins MBE, a full time wheelchair user, the social enterprise’s core mission is to create a unified community by empowering the disabled and disadvantaged. He said “if someone has a long-term disability you don’t train them without first helping them to believe in themselves. Our trainees get the satisfaction of becoming part of a team and being recognised for what they can do, regardless of their level of ability. It devastates me that many feel like they’re already on the scrapheap when they’re just teenagers. We help them realise their potential by learning both technical and social skills and seeing how their work can help other disabled people who desperately need equipment. ”
  •  Young trainees are invited to their purpose-designed workshop to train alongside experienced technicians and learn hands-on skills in basic mechanical and electronic engineering with AQA accreditation. Since 2005 Brighter Future Workshop has provided over 3,000 training places for disabled youngsters. The centre’s unique combination of work experience and job coaching builds confidence, competence and self esteem.
Information and Media taken from the Brighter Futures Workshop website @ and from:

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