Social Enterprise + Propane = Reaching More Children with Immunizations in Mozambique

  • The challenge: In Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world, children are dying “because they live in the wrong place, and that’s unacceptable.” People must walk 20 kilometers for vaccines and medicines.
  • Problem: Vaccines are a temperature-sensitive commodity – but there were no reliable sources of energy for clinic refrigerators, lights or sterilizers
  • Solution: Propane
  • New problem: No propane in Mozambique
  • New solution (2001): VidaGas, a for-profit propane distribution company (imports gas, bottles it, sells it to commercial and residential users)
  • Within five years: 5 million people reached through 251 clinics.  In 2001, only one in three people were immunized – by 2006, there were nine in ten people immunized. In 2006, 63,000 children were immunized by their first birthdays – 47% more than in 2001.

Next: Malawi

  •  Social Enterprise component: 

VillageReach’s hybrid, interdisciplinary approach brings a new set of tools to the fundamental problem of last mile healthcare access. VillageReach applies global health best practices in cold chain performance, supply chain logistics, and information management with an entrepreneurial view as to when private business could optimally fill critical infrastructure gaps.

The VillageReach model provides two interconnected solutions to strengthen health systems in isolated rural communities: a logistics and management platform that facilitates information management for health systems and a social business platform that launches social businesses to provide essential infrastructure services. VillageReach partners with governments, communities, and other organizations to provide innovative, efficient, and sustainable improvements to health systems in developing countries.

Information and media taken from Villagereach website @: &


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