Bottle for Bottle…Bottle by Bottle – Giving Back and Giving Health

Bottle For Bottle

During the summer of 2010 Josh Rubin and Gabriel D’Amico-Mazza set out to launch a new company. Inspired by the growing number of social entrepreneurs Josh and Gabe decided to incorporate giving into their new business. The result was Build Nutrition, a company that would donate one bottle of vitamins to a pregnant woman in need for every bottle sold.

Build Nutrition is more than a brand… we are a movement. By bridging the for-profit and non-profit worlds our customers have the opportunity to turn into philanthropists without changing anything in their daily lives.

Why Vitamins?

In many impoverished countries, a variety of foods are not accessible and often the available foods have limited nutrients. Further compounding the problem are unbalanced diets. The results are tragic:

  • 190 million children worldwide suffer from poor vision as a result of vitamin A deficiency
  • 30 million babies are born undernourished each year
  • 56 million pregnant women suffer from anemia, which can lead to complications during pregnancy and birth
  • 18 million lives are impaired annually due to iodine deficiency
  • 300,000 Newborns are born annually with neural tube defects each year

Micro Nutrients. Macro Impact.

Essential nutrients have an enormously high cost to benefit ratio. Each dollar spent on supplementation creates benefits worth more than 17 dollars. Better health, fewer deaths and increased future earnings add up to benefits of more than $1 billion yearly.

Food-based approaches are difficult to implement on a global scale. Micronutrient programs are an affordable and successful intervention that helps mothers and children change the cycle of poverty and vitamin deficiency now.

Information and media taken from Build Nutrition website @:

Build Nutrition is an example of causal (for a “cause”) marketing, wherein a for-profit company not only offers its customers a product, but also offers a way for the customer to “give back” through the action of purchasing the product.  This model is often called “BOGO” or Buy One Give One.


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