Social Enterprise + the World Wide Web = An Incubator for Disadvantaged Youth, Women, & Minorities

Don’t think an organization can “Really” make the world a better place and change the landscape of business?

We create student-driven local websites that help reduce poverty and promote diversity.

We help:

  • Students experience the web startup culture and low-risk ownership
  • Local businesses & promising aspiring talent reach their full marketing potential
  • Local residents connect with each other & save $ on their purchases
  • Disadvantaged youth become successful Web Social Entrepreneurs
  • Create and keep wealth in local communities

(The niche, grassroots based websites that we create are started without any traditional institutional venture capital.)

  • The act of a person who recognizes a social problem and uses web based entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change.
  • The web enterprise’s main mission is to positively contribute to a humanitarian and/or environmental cause while making a profit by providing value to local communities.
  • To level economic self-sufficiency in the United States
  • To diversify the ideas, opinions, and opportunities in the New Media landscape

The Socio-Economic Challenges That Disadvantaged Youth Face In The United States

The Substantial Lack Of African American, Hispanic, and Women Entrepreneurs In New Media

With Our UPSEF & Voluntaire Programs:

The UPSEF (Unified Potential Social Entrepreneurship Fund) is the world’s first web incubator for disadvantaged youth. As more and more business is shifting online, we wish to help these young and talented individuals get a piece of this trillion dollar opportunity to level economic self sufficiency in the United States, and diversify the ideas, opinions, and opportunities in the new media landscape.

Information and media taken from the ILLVP website @:


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