Re-inventing the Wheel…for Water

Helping people help each other, worldwide.

The Problem

The burden of fetching water, invariably over long distances by cumbersome and far too often, unhygienic means, is all too evident in developing countries…

The Solution

The Q Drum is user friendly and the unique longitudinal shaft permits the drum to be pulled using a rope tied through the hole. There are no removable or breakable handles or axles, and the rope can be repaired on the spot or easily replaced…

Efficient & Fun

Even a child can pull 50 litres of water over flat terrain for several kilometres without undue strain, and could shift the burden of water collection away from adult women…

How is T.E.L. a “Social Enterprise?”

Mission and strategy

Tel is an independent information source for high impact, low-cost, point-of-use technologies aimed at solving major problems of poverty

The global challenges of the twenty-first century are being answered by an explosion of innovation aimed at securing sustainable development and human well-being, most urgently in the developing regions. Recognizing the pivotal force of information management, TEL aims to provide an independent, non-profit, universally accessible information source for low-cost, high-impact, point-of-use technologies. TEL’s purpose is to identify and promote solutions that can alleviate poverty by satisfying such primary needs as safe drinking water, improved irrigation, sustainable fuels, health care delivery and education.

Central to TEL is the interactive, multi-lingual website. The principle of the site is that of an unbiased open exchange of information. Evaluation of devices within a technology group (e.g., water purification) allows the end-user to compare and choose the best solution based on local needs.  Exchange and feedback are keys to fostering implementation and dissemination of innovations.

TEL is designed to fully exploit the increasing access of less-developed regions to the Internet thanks to new inventions, lower-cost hardware and satellite-based Web access. Potential users of TEL’s services include agricultural cooperatives and micro-loan supported enterprises, individual farmers, teachers, parents and other individuals, as well as large organizations such as government agencies, corporations, and NGOs.

Now more than ever : The current global financial, economic and food-price crisis means that aid to poorer regions is diminished just when it is needed most. TEL provides people with information about and access to tools they can utilize locally to start small businesses and immediately improve their communities.

Closing the loop with micro-finance : Even the most inexpensive inventions are often beyond the means of those who need them most. While TEL is not in the business of making loans directly, multiple links are provided to partnering organizations capable of filling the gap between provider and end-user.

Information and Media taken from TEL/QDrum website @: and TEL’s website @:


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