A Hybrid Social Enterprise Entity Gives “How To’s” on Healthy Eating

What you will find on the Parent Earth Website are videos pertaining to and promoting a variety of issues on healthy shopping, cooking, and eating options, for parents and their children.

Videos on the site include: Is it Healthy to Have a Vegetarian Baby?, Daddy Does Dinner: Man With a Pan, Composting With Pre-Schoolers, and How to Have Fun at The Farmer’s Market with your Child.

What you will also find on their site is that Planet Earth is a hybrid For and Non-Profit Social Enterprise, which is comprised of two separate entities– Parent Earth, Inc., (the for-profit)  and Parent Earth Foundation (the not-for-profit).

While hybrid Social Enterprises have one Mission, in this case educating families on how to locate, prepare, and promote healthy food options for their families- the Inc., and the Foundation support that Mission in distinct ways.

The Parent Earth Foundation, produces the educational videos that serve the Company’s Mission- and as a Non-Profit, it remains eligible to receive tax-deductible funds- including tax-deductible donations from its sister entity, Parent Earth, Inc. The Inc. entity takes on for profit advertising revenue, and as a for-profit,  it can also drum up financing from traditional sources (like banks and investors) which a non-profit cannot do.

Parent Earth  explains it like this:

“Parent Earth Inc. and the Parent Earth Foundation are sister entities that share one mission, to answer parents’ questions about food and create a world that nurtures healthy, thriving children. We created this structure in order to give us the ability to serve communities and work on campaigns to improve the food system while at the same time creating a vibrant, profitable social venture that expands the sustainable goods market. We are concerned about the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.”

Inc. Magazine reports that this model is useful when:

  • The nonprofit’s unrelated business income threatens its nonprofit status.
  • The for-profit needs help managing its philanthropy.
  •  Each entity needs something offered by the other.

Parent Earth’s videos address topics and nutrition for specific child age groups (baby, 18 mo- 5Yr, 6-12YR) as well as for pregnant Moms. There is a Take Action section with titles such as; The Bag vs. The Bay, and Why is Cheap Food Bad For You? And finally, the site is rounded out with videos from health experts in the field.

Watch…for your health!

Information and Media taken from Planet Earth Website @: http://www.parentearth.com/ and http://www.parentearth.com/about/.

Additional reporting comes from: http://www.inc.com/magazine/20110501/the-social-entrepreneurship-spectrum-hybrids.html?nav=related


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