Even the Kids Are Doing It: Saving the World…As Easy as 1…2…3

When Hurricane Katrina coincided with Halloween, Random Kid Founder, Talia Leman, decided to raise money for its victims by Trick or Treat-ing for coins instead of candy.

She ‘coined’ the effort  “TLC” or “Trick or Treat for Loose Change,” set up a website to get other kids involved,  got ‘viewed’ by the Today Show, and:

One day later I was fielding reports from kids all over the USA tracking donations on a map with pushpins. One week later, a local grocery chain agreed to print 8.5 million Trick-or-Treat bags to be given out with my message on them in 226 stores in 13 states. Our governor held a press conference and UNICEF invited me to do media spots on CNN and NPR. 

When it came time to draw our efforts to a close, I knew we had raised a lot—but it was not $1 million. It wasn’t even half a million. No, it was, in fact, $10 million dollars.”

Talia’s youth movement matched the giving power of the top five U.S. corporate donors to Katrina. Today, RandomKid counts 12 million kids from some 20 countries.

Here’s how the RandomKid Web platform works:

It’s as Easy as 1…2…3!

Step 1: Pick your cause from a list on the site…

Step 2: Find an organization…

Step 3: Tell the World you are supporting the issue, invite others to help with donations, or donate yourself. Or get Project Ideas like:
“1) Host an Amman Imman presentation. Raise funds and awareness at your home or in your school. Show one of our videos or download our powerpoint presentation. 2) Start an Amman Imman Wells of Love club at your school. Invite an Amman Imman representative to speak at an assembly.”

Kids can also create their own projects using the platform, with all of the same options. And the site suggests using a project as a school fund-raiser. (A pretty amazing alternative to selling cookie dough!)


RandomKids, 12 Million youth participants from 20 countries, have raised $11 Million  for international causes on four continents.

Information and Media from the RandomKids website @ http://www.randomkid.org/. Additional reporting from: http://www.changemakers.com/stories/unexpected-success-for-the-randomkid-solving-real


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