Let There Be Light (For the 3M People in the Philippines Without Electricity)…In a Soda Bottle?

Light…one Litre at a time.

Take a used Soda bottle, add Water, Bleach and My Shelter Foundation’s Illac Diaz, and you get 50w of daytime light for 5 years.

As reported by Brynn Opsahl, on the Global Envision website- using an MIT student design, Mr. Diaz has brought light to some 300,000 Phillipinos who had no, or illegal and unsafe access to electricity- without using electricity or any other non-sustainable energy

The bottle is inserted and secured through a hole in the ceiling, and allows sunlight to refract, bringing 360 degrees of light into the room below.

The design/application is:

  • Sustainable
  • Made from Recycled material
  • Lessening dependency on foreign bought fuel
  • Cost-effective
  • Raises standard of living
  • Safe
  • Maintainable by user

Additionally, it follows what Diaz describes as “the three appropriate rules for technology.”

“People can find it, they can replicate it, and most importantly, they can make a business of it.

Mr. Diaz’ organization trains the eventual users to install the Bottle Lights, and uses social entrepreneurialism to provide cheap energy for those living in poverty and  raises their standard of living…a very bright idea.

You can volunteer with and/or sponsor the Foundation’s efforts, and learn about the latest news on their website below.

Images and media from the A Liter of Light’s website @ : http://isanglitrongliwanag.org/about-us/

Additional reporting from Global Envision: @: http://www.globalenvision.org/2011/08/18/used-soda-bottles-light-world-free

Info on My Shelter Foundation can be found @: http://extendyourself.org/about-us.html







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