In Honor of Three Women and a Peace Prize…We are Recognizing a Social Enterprise That Empowers Women to Bring (More) Healthy Women Into the World

“We cannot achieve democracy and lasting peace in the world unless women obtain the same opportunities as men to influence developments at all levels of society,” said Thorbjoern Jagland, chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, in announcing the prize.

 In honor of three women sharing the award of the Nobel Peace Prize today, we are Blogging about a social enterprise that will be directly responsible for decreasing maternal mortality and bringing more, healthy baby girls into the world (and we hope), into the Peace process as well!

In India for example, a recent Save the Children report, ranked the country 73rd out of 77 middle-income nations in the “Best Place to be a Mother” ranking. One of the reasons the report cites is that Indian mothers, have a one-in-70 chance of dying in childbirth-compared to one in 8,200 in the UK. Additional causes around the world, are mother’s located in remote rural villages where pre-natal and birthing care don’t reach, as well as the physical barrier that gender creates, culturally, and religiously, that discourages women from being treated by male doctors.

Drishtee is addressing this problem through enterprise- that allows for a local, cost-effective, and sustainable solution that government agencies have not been able to manage successfully across a vast rural setting, and against a rigid cultural backdrop.

 How will Drishtee use enterprise to address this issue?

 The Model:

Drishtee uses a franchise model. First, they locate (and create!) within the village or community, a female entrepreneur, who will then receive basic medical training, to serve the rural community. She will also receive important hand in hand business training, in order to sustain operations of her health franchise. Finally, Drishtee will link her to a qualified MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) doctor and lab technician, who will visit the village on a weekly basis.

Part of the success and a positive impact of the female franchisee model (per their own website), her locality means she is trusted, and acts as a female role model in the community.

This is one of many economic empowerment and development initiatives from this organization, which focuses on India and the BoP sector, and provides solutions in the arenas of financial inclusion, product distribution and education., in addition to health services.

Enterprise Development is a key plank in Drishtee’s overall development platform (from the Drishtee website):

The quantum of social businesses and opportunities for livelihood improvement at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) market is enormous. The practical need for promoting enterprise development is to create appropriate institutional framework to support entrepreneurial development, enable right processes and systems to risk taking and risk sharing. Drishtee believes in innovation and entrepreneurship as the key to sustainable development. Drishtee sees enterprise development as a strategic development intervention that could accelerate the livelihoods of people at BoP.

This is definitely a social enterprise to watch (and support!)

Information and media from the Drishtee website @:

Additional information from: – posted by Lauren Zanolli

Image of Peace Prize winners from The Washington Post online @:


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