“Who Made Your Pants?” Don’t ‘Sweat’ it; This UK Co. Up-cycles & Provides Great Working Conditions for Women

Lingerie and Human Rights? Who Made Your Pants Founder Becky John, found a way to marry two of her long time passions, by taking sweat shops out of the under garment production equation. When you ask yourself ‘Who made your pants?,’ if they are indeed from this UK Company, you can be assured they were stiched up in the Southamption factory’s cooperative, where jobs are being created “for women who’ve had a hard time.”

To top (or bottom) it off, the Company is removing items from the  waste stream, by up-cycling the fashion industry’s un-used end of season remnants and designs.

Finally, all profits we make go back into the business – our costs aren’t just about rent and fabric and wages, but about training and support and advice. We really do believe that pants can change the world – do you?

I certainly do.

Images from the Who Made Your Pants Website at the link above.


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