Feel Good’s Grill Cheese Model Slices Out Education and Entrepreneurship

At college campuses, FeelGood creates grilled-cheese social entrepreneurs who make money slinging melty deliciousness and then give a portion of their proceeds to fight hunger.

In 2006, Walter and Apud launched FeelGood as a nonprofit, allowing students at universities across the country to open FeelGood grilled cheese delis. All the cash that the students raise goes to two organizations–The Hunger Project and CHOICE Humanitarian–that focus on ending hunger through sustainable practices.” We don’t [work with] too many organizations because we want to be able to have an impact,” explains Kern Beare, director of the Changemaker Academy at FeelGood.

Students don’t just run FeelGood delis; they also learn about both hunger and entrepreneurship. FeelGood offers three curricula: a changemaker track that teaches leadership, a track that offers lessons on how to run a social enterprise, and a hunger track that “lets students take a deep dimensional look at the issue of hunger,” according to Beare.

Read Ariel Schwartz’s article When Grill Cheese Can Change The World @: Coexist


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