Via TechCrunch: “AngelList Launches Docs To Help Startups Sign And Close Seed Rounds Online With Low Legal Fees”

Today on TechCrunchLEENA RAO reports on AngelList, the ” incredibly powerful (and disruptive) platform in the investing world” that connects start-ups and investors in a “hybrid social network, communication and crowdsourcing platform.” With the release ofDocs,” which consists of:

  • a standard term sheet

  • automatically generated closing documents

  • tools such as: electronic signatures, wire management, PDF generation, etc.

The two groups now have a means to close an actual transaction online. The advantages:

“For a seed stage round, legal fees can be upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, which is costly for a bootstrapped startups. Docs aims to eliminate some of the complexity of the actual raise by allowing users to enter information in fields, and produce a term sheet.”

On the Company site, there is also a platform to connect Founders with needed talent for their new ventures.

Read Rao’s article @: Techcrunch; and visit the Company website @: AngelList

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