Whole Foods Kitchen Uses its Waste Oil to Generate its Electricity, And Cut Energy Costs

Reporting for Triple Pundit on a story in Sustainable Business, reveals how the Company, a “massive proponent of renewable energy” has created a partnership with Lifecycle Renewables, to recycle and refine used waste oil and power the kitchen with LR100, the resultant biodiesel fuel.

The initiative is part of Whole Foods’ goal to lower its total energy consumption by 25 percent by 2015. The initiative’s impact could result in “a diversion of 156,000 gallons of waste oil per year”, cutting approximately 20 percent of the Company’s energy and waste disposal costs. In addition refining the waste oil “reduces emissions by about 80 percent when compared to traditional diesel.”

“It was critical for Whole Foods that they have a base-load reducing (continuous operation) system that provides true power redundancy,” says Adi Venni, chief technology officer for Lifecycle Renewables. “From the fuel production to engine customization, emissions controls and operating controls – this is really a set-it-and-forget-it type system.”

Read Vijayaraghavan’s full article @: TriplePundit

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