Nomi Network – Trade…Not the Sex Trade

Nomi Network uses Social Enterprise for survivors of trafficking Nomi Network, named for Nomi, an 8 year old survivor of sex trafficking, teaches mainly women, to create and sell crafts, through Nomi partners in order to generate income outside of the trafficking and slave trade economies. -Information from Nomi Website @: Advertisements Continue reading Nomi Network – Trade…Not the Sex Trade

DEPDC – Safety for Victims of Sex Trafficking

The Development and Education Program for Daughters & Community provides shelter and education for victims and would be victims of sex-trakkicking…founder says, Education is Key!!! » Sompop Jantraka is proving that women can be far more valuable to Thailand as educated members of the work force than as sex slaves. Jantraka offers the poor families of young women between the ages of 8 and 18 (who are often desperate for income and easily deceived by brothel owners) an alternative to sending their daughters into prostitution by providing the girls with education, job training and employment assistance. Eight different projects focus on children … Continue reading DEPDC – Safety for Victims of Sex Trafficking